About Budget Bitch

Our Mission

“Every Australian has the right to a financially sustainable lifestyle, both now and in the future. The past 40 years have seen many working families lose the basic skills of financial literacy. This is beginning to cripple the Australian way of life. Through education of the community and individuals, we can restore hope and the confidence that a secure financial future brings.”

Our Focus

Conceived in 2004 and after many months of planning, preparation and testing the theory on many customers, the Budget Bitch Company was finally born in early 2007.

Designed specifically to assist every Australian in the right to a financially sustainable lifestyle, Budget Bitch Pty Ltd operates as a Personal Budget Planning, Budget Coaching and Budget Education enterprise.

Since its inception, Budget Bitch has achieved many milestones through television, radio and various publications. Budget Bitch has made considerable inroads into changing the way many people think about their financial future.

Our People

Carmel McCartin


Mike Betts

The company directors of Budget Bitch are Carmel McCartin and Mike Betts. Both have backgrounds in property/real estate, finance and lending; and hold a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning).

Carmel also holds a Diploma of Mortgage Lending, whilst Mike holds a Graduate Diploma in Land Economy.

We will spend whatever time it takes to ensure that you understand how to create & maintain a budget that suits your household.


We want to make sure that you are able to take back the control of your money.

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